Pushkar pilgrimage

The tranquil village Pushkar is a pilgrimage destination. It’s a holy town where alcohol is banned. It is situated around a spiritual lake, which was said to have formed when Brahman dropped a lotus flower there.

Walking around the lake, you must remove your shoes. Be warned that while the area is sacred you will be walking through cow, dog and bird mess. After the initial few moments you get used to the muck and simply enjoy the surroundings.

Pushkar offers many cafes to relax in. I really enjoyed breakfast at Meeting Point roof top cafe. The view was gorgeous.

Another recommended cafe is the Lazy Buddah. At a nearby school, travellers can opt to volunteer for the day. The views are fabulous. Watching people go about their everyday life while sipping a chia tea is the perfect way to start your day.

I was chuffed to get a discount at our hostel room as I’m a travel blogger. I preferred the Moustache hostel in Udipur as it had a magical rooftop. However, the Moustache in Pushkar where we stayed was also very pleasant. with a large garden to hang out in. The rooms were pretty standard. But you pay for what you get. When it costs £4 or 400 rupees for a private room you can’t complain too much.

During the day in Pushkar you can enjoy the markets, offering intricate handicrafts. From purses to wall tapestries, you can purchase just about anything.

Sunset point is situated on the lake. Tourists and locals flock there at 6pm to see out another day. Pushkar attracts many hippies. Wandering around the lake, a group of individuals with dreadlocks were juggling and playing with circus equipment. I wish I had brought my hula hoop.

In the evening groups of people were painting on the floor and blocking the roads. It was comical. Motorcycles had to weave around the artists, which caused mayhem – but no one questioned them in the holy village.

While Pushkar is a spiritual place, be aware of scammers. Religious looking individuals will try to give you flowers for good karma but they will charge you for them.

Nonetheless, Pushkar is a lovely place to relax, shop and visit temples.

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    1. Yes, I was too. It’s why so many locals pushed so much to sell things to us. Tourists have been given a reputation to buy the holy flowers and spend money. So every shop owner and taxi driver was desperate to sell things to us too. It is their livelihood but I couldn’t buy from everyone

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