Museum morning in Jaipur and bus to Agra

On our last morning in Jaipur we went to check out the Albert Museum (one of the attractions left on our consortium ticket). It was definitely worth the visit. The building itself was stunning and the artifacts fascinating.

There were art pieces from all over the world. Many from within India. There were religious artifacts.

This statue was of mum massaging my smelly feet back at home after a day in the office and at the gym. Bet you miss that mum?!

On returning to the hostel we grabbed our stuff and took an Uber taxi to the bus station for £1. Riding inside an Uber feels like you are in your own little bubble. You can see the city maddness from the safety of a car.

From the station we took a bus to Agra. Hostel staff at Zostel booked the bus for us on the Redbus application. Paying can be tricky on the application if you don’t have an Indian credit card. However, you can opt to pay through Amazon pay. Mine was crashing so our friend helped out. It is a useful app to have just so you can see the bus times. Generally speaking, if you rock up at the station you can buy the ticket when you wish to board depending on how busy it is.

The bus took around 6 hours. A friendly man was keen to chat to us and taught us about the Bhagavad Gita (holy Hindu scripture). He also told us about OM – the spiritual presence in the universe that is everywhere.

Once again arriving at a bus station was slightly tricky. It turned out that we had arrived 40 minutes away from our hostel by taxi. Uber was not working. Luckily our friend helped us find a Ola taxi and we were on our way. For a total of £3 we made it to Zostel in Agra where we had dinner and relaxed before getting a little bit of sleep. In preparation for a big day ahead.

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