The delightful descent

I was awoken at 3am by a roaring wind. The tent was flapping away and hitting my head. The sound was spectacular. Being on a mountain ridge we were exposed to all elements.

I fell back asleep before waking up properly at 7am from the light outside. The sun had not yet risen above the mountains. Sun rise was at 7.30am.

It was strange seeing the sun appear after the sky had already lit up – seemingly back to front.

An omlette and Maggie (Indian pot noodle) was on offer for breakfast. Tucking in, my eyes were glued to the mountains.

After fueling up it was time to descend the mountain. Walking down slowly was easier than climbing up.

The mist came in once more and clouded the view. It looked very romantic.

Getting all types of weather made the view even more special. Pink Rhododendron flowers populated the trees.

On the way we met some volenteers from waste warriors. They had trekked the trail picking up any litter they found on route. With many visitors there was lots of pollution. Their work was astounding.

Walking on further the clouds threatened to expel rain.

However, we were lucky and returned dry to McLeodganj ready for a late lunch / dinner. Tucking into Indian food we felt satisfied.

Shortly after eating the rain greeted us. Hail hammered down, while thunder roared across the valley. We were treated with a spectacular lightening show. The storm was impressive, even more so because we were in the safety of a hostel.

Top tips for trekking Triund:

Duration – if you have enough time plan to camp one night by the snow line. This is an hour hike from Triund (where you can camp too). There are less people and it is more magical. Staying one night you will get to see sun set and sun rise (which you can’t do if you trek in one day.

Packing – lighter bags are better for hiking. You can hire a tent, sleeping bag and buy hot food at Triund or the snowline. So pack only essentials – warm clothes (it is cold), suncream, wet wipes, toothbrush, torch, water bottle and a compass for good luck.

Route – there is a clear trail you can take from Galu, you can take a taxi there or walk from Mcleodganj. Alternatively you can take the alternative route like we did from Bhagsu nag (this is harder to follow as there is no definite footpath). It should take 6 hours to the snow line. Alternatively, the well marked trail takes 4 hours and is easier.

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