Bristol to Bath by bike

Yogurt coated oats and coconut flakes melted in my mouth. The sweet granola was complemented by sour berries. This was washed down with a turmeric latte. The spice kicked the back of my throat cleansing my pallet.

Sitting on the river-side we watched the world go by. It was 9.30am on Saturday. Consequently, there wasn’t a rush of people. A lady paddle boarded past on the river, while runners jogged along the bank.


We were sat in Starks fitness cafe. While we tucked into our delicious food we heard men grunting upstairs as they hauled weights above their heads in the gym. Slightly bizarre. A fitness class took place outside. Individuals raced carrying heavy weights along the Riverside. This was entertaining to watch. Apparently, healthy gym cafes are the new craze in Bristol.

Fueled up and ready to go we ventured to the bike hire shop named cycle shack. Supposedly opening at 10 we were made to wait until 10.30 when the shop assistant pulled up in his car. His poor dog had been sick. Probably the same dog that ate his coursework the week before. Luckily we made an online bike reservation the night before, so we got two bikes that were the right size.

We set off for our cycle along the disused railway line from Bristol town center to Bath. The weather was gorgeous. Part of the route was shaded beneath trees and other parts ran along the canal. Virtually the entire cycle was on tarmac paths making it very bearable and enjoyable.

We biked through an old tunnel in the mountain side. There was a slight echo in the dark transit. The air was cold. On exiting we were greeting with the warm summer day air once more.

One and a half hours later we reached the lovely city Bath. It was time to lock up the bikes and have a wonder around. The city maintains Georgian architecture: honey-comb stone buildings resonate through the city.

Bath is home to a famous hot spring found by the Romans (the only natural hot spring in the UK).

We stopped by the old cathedral to admire angels climbing head first down carefully sculpted ladders.

Bath is also home to the Royal Crescent, which is a row of 30 houses in a semi circle. Historically well- known people lived there. Today it is owned by those fortunate enough to afford an £800,000 flat.

On the ride back to Bristol we stopped for a ice cream in a cafe which used to be a station waiting room. It was delightful. They had put colourful bunting up and had a doctor who tardis toilet outside. We enjoyed a well deserved sugary treat.

On reaching back to the bike shop we paid our fare and went for an evening swim in the hotel. It was the perfect cool down.

A riverside meal at Severnshed was on the cards for dinner. Sitting once more on Bristol wharf we watched a myriad of people pass.

Hen and stag parties cruised by on boats.

Guests waved and greeted us with enthusiasm. Meanwhile, hot air balloons floated by advertising various companies. They drifted past with the gentle breeze.


The waiter stopped by and looked at me quizzically. ‘I know you,’ he stated.

‘Really?’ I replied hoping that I wasn’t being rude not knowing who he was.

‘You train in the park? ‘ he questioned.

‘I’m not from Bristol, it must be my doppelganger,’ I confirmed.

He lingered for a while looking at me totally perplexed.

He then proceeded to bring us our dessert. A cube of rich chocolate mouse with a crunchy biscuit base, complemented with sweet vanilla ice cream.

After a delightful dinner we walked along the waterfront. Pubs were bustling with people watching football. Groups were sat outside drinking and eating. Bristol is a lively city with lots going on. We soaked up the atmosphere before collapsing in bed exhausted from out 48km bike ride.

I would definitely reccomend giving both Bristol and Bath a visit. Bath is stunning with fascinating architecture and Bristol is trendy hosting fun places to explore.

Stay tuned for what we got up to on day two in Bristol.

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