Little Act of Kindness

‘I would like to gift you this shower bath bomb. It is something called a little act of kindness. I feel that we have really connected and had such a positive experience together. This is a present for you,’ the lovely retailer Libby said to my mother and I.

Libby had sat with us for just under an hour, helping us chose natural products to cater to our needs. She was attentive, kind and very friendly. Not to mention extremely knowledgeable. She knew exactly what we needed and taught us about different ingredients used in the wide range of Lush’s products. Be it honey – a natural antiseptic. Or salt an exfoliate which comes in different grades of grain. We also discovered that rose is used to reduce redness.

Libby taught us about the sustainable packaging that Lush uses. The bath bomb containers are made from egg cartons. Whatsmore, their black pots are recyled by specialists in Cumbria – James Cropper and returned to the store. It is very refreshing seeing a high-street store doing its bit to help the environment.

After such a possitive experience in Lush Bournemouth it made me think about the effect little acts of kindness have on us. They go a long way.

I would like to thank Libby for such a heart-warming experience and anyone else that has helped me along the way. The stranger who gave me directions or the taxi driver who went out of his way to return my glasses that left in his car.

When strangers help you out it really does give you faith in humanity.

Where ever possible let’s help those that need a boost. Smiling at the passerby on the tube or greeting your neighbours.

Please share your stories of little acts of kindness below.


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