A game of giant chess in Vaxholm

Boarding the boat from outside the Grand Hotel in Stockholm we began our journey through the Archipelago islands. Some of these landmasses were inhabited by people others just covered in trees.

I couldn’t help but think that these islands may not be there in years to come. With rising sea level they may submerge in the water.

Two hours later we reached Vaxholm. Here we wandered around and found a giant chess set. We played a very serious game. Unfortunately, my younger brother beat me.

We popped into the tourist information center. They were very helpful and gave us a map showing a suggested walk we could take. Following their instructions, we strolled through quaint settlements and looped back to the waterfront.

From here we hopped on a bus back to Stockholm. It is not necessary to take a boat to Vaxholm but the views are incredible.

We visited the free National Museum before heading back. This was well worth a visit. They had an exhibition on design which reminded us of our design technology lessons back in the day at school!

Stockholm is a really fun city. I would recommend spending time there.

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