Exploring Chichester Harbour

Wiping the sweat off my forehead, I turned to my right. Something didn’t seem right. The stationary pole that jutted out of the estuary into the sky seemed to be following us. How could that be?

Concluding that it must have been the angle we were looking at it, we battled on pushing the paddles through the strong current with all our might.

Before us, we could see the beach we were headed for. It didn’t look that far away. In fact, it looked deceivingly close.

However, 45 minutes later we found that the pole was still to our right. It soon dawned on us that the pole wasn’t following. Despite, all our efforts, we weren’t moving forwards at all due to the currents pulling us back.

And as soon as we stopped paddling for a moment, we found ourselves being swept backwards. Before long we made it back to the starting point. We decided to try a different route, which wasn’t against the current.

Before long our 4 hours of kayaking was up. When we picked up the kayak from Fluid Adventures in the morning, the kind gentleman said that we could make it all the way to the beach on the other side of the harbour and then to Bosham and back in plenty of time. We made it to neither place but we did have a lot of fun!

Exhausted from our adventure, we spent some time on the sandy beach near the kayak hire shop, where we tucked into our packed lunch and swung on a tree rope nearby.

That evening we enjoyed a nice sunset at Bosham, where we should have made it in the kayaks.

After our strenuous day of kayaking, we settled for a relaxing day at West Wittering beach where we booked parking and enjoyed chilling.

Of course, we took precautions and covered ourselves from the sun – as below!!

The beach was fairly busy but we still managed to swim in the sea, do some hula hooping and acro yoga!

Exploring Chichester by kayak was the perfect way to get some peace from the crowds and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

What is your favourite way to explore a new place?

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