Cha cha rumba

This morning in the zocalo free cha cha dancing was occurring. There was a big stage with some leaders and everyone was invited to join in. I thought what better way to learn some new skills than jumping in the deep end. I hopped on the stage and got involved. I got a few compliments... Continue Reading →

Heir de agua

Today we took a taxi bus to the waterfalls. Our first stop on the way to them was Mitla - here we saw some arceological ruins. Next stop was the waterfalls - which were absolutely stunning. They were not actual waterfalls but made out of rock formations. We went for a hike around them, getting... Continue Reading →

Exploring Oaxaca

Mexican breakfasts are rather big. The hostel provided, scrambled eggs and bean tortillas. They were the perfect fuel for the day ahead. I began by walking with my friend from Paris around Oaxaca. There was a food fair going on in the park. Students had cooked all kinds of different cuisines. We tried a sample... Continue Reading →

Exploring Mexico City

I began the day by getting the autobus to Hedalgo station. This time I was much more confident. When I arrived at Hedalgo, I walked through the busy street market. It was full of vendors selling their goods, people sitting at tables eating meaty breakfasts and individuals sitting on the floor luring you over to... Continue Reading →

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