American Halloween extravagansa

In the US Halloween is taken very seriously. People go all out and the festivities last as long as possible. There are parades, parties, decorations and lots of candy. We had a yurt Halloween /leaving party on Friday night and cooked ethnic food. I cooked a toad in the hole, which wasn't too bad if... Continue Reading →

My first game hunting experience

Rifle hunting season is upon us in Montana and it's the talk of the town. For the past couple of months, friends and colleagues have been discussing, preparing, planning and obsessing over where to hunt and their hunting techniques. People have been target shooting and stocking up on new guns, ammo and camouflage. There is... Continue Reading →

We are going on a tree hunt

I have seen bear foot prints, claw marks on trees and scat but still no bear. I supposeĀ this is a blessing in disguise - crossing a bear would be a hazardous event. Most locals I have spoken to, have seen several bears but usually from a distance and so have safely walked back to their... Continue Reading →


It is part of the Sikh religion not to cut your hair. This is because historically when Muslims came to invade India, Sikh warriors kept their hair long in order to look scary. In addition, it is thought best to keep ones hair natural and to its full extent. Consequently, many Sikh ladies go and... Continue Reading →

Outlander book review

When Clair touches the standing stones in current day Scotland she is teleported back to 1745 Scotland. While, this part of the story is a fantasy the rest depicts ancient Scotland in what I thought to be a realistic light. You follow Clair's adventure journey through the Highlands. She meets lots of interesting characters falls... Continue Reading →

Idaho adventures

The day began with a super early run. We left the house with the stars still out and the sky dark. The lake was clear, the sky dusky and the town quiet. We stopped off at the lake wall for some fun exercises and yoga. As the sun rose I sat looking out into the... Continue Reading →

Seriously lucked out

I cannot believe how much I have lucked out. I have been given the chance to go to Couer De Alene, Idaho - fully paid for and stay in a beautiful house for two nights. We drove for three hours to Missoula (a town that has been on my bucket list since arriving in Dillon).... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming

As the freshly fallen snow crunched beneath my walking boots I took in a deep breath and admired the surroundings. It's not every day one gets to go on an eight mile mountain hike as part of their job. I felt so lucky to be in the great outdoors, with such a magnificent view. Today... Continue Reading →

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