Exploring Mexico City

I began the day by getting the autobus to Hedalgo station. This time I was much more confident. When I arrived at Hedalgo, I walked through the busy street market. It was full of vendors selling their goods, people sitting at tables eating meaty breakfasts and individuals sitting on the floor luring you over to... Continue Reading →

Hammock life

I like to think I'm a white English rose. In other words I'm very pale, do not cope well in the sun and am prone to burning. Just a pretentious, less negative way of saying I'm the typical Brit that does not bode well in hot weather. The past few days chilling on the beach... Continue Reading →

San Diego

The first night here in the hostel I had to share a room with a rather unsavoury character. She is about 40 years old and smelt horrendous. I thought I could hack it, opened a window, locked up my valuables and fell asleep. However, in the morning I woke up to an awful smell, looked... Continue Reading →

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