Idaho adventures

The day began with a super early run. We left the house with the stars still out and the sky dark. The lake was clear, the sky dusky and the town quiet. We stopped off at the lake wall for some fun exercises and yoga. As the sun rose I sat looking out into the... Continue Reading →

Seriously lucked out

I cannot believe how much I have lucked out. I have been given the chance to go to Couer De Alene, Idaho - fully paid for and stay in a beautiful house for two nights. We drove for three hours to Missoula (a town that has been on my bucket list since arriving in Dillon).... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming

As the freshly fallen snow crunched beneath my walking boots I took in a deep breath and admired the surroundings. It's not every day one gets to go on an eight mile mountain hike as part of their job. I felt so lucky to be in the great outdoors, with such a magnificent view. Today... Continue Reading →

The aftermath

Today for the first time I witnessed the result of the lake poisoning we have been doing this summer. Along the edge of the lake dead fish floated to the surface and many more were decomposing at the bottom of the lake. It is estimated that around 30,000 fish were killed in this project, but... Continue Reading →

Plenty of pumpkins

Pumpkin season is upon us here in the USA. ¬†Where I am staying the family has grown and harvested numerous pumpkins. The weather conditions are not the best for gardening - it is dry, very hot during the day and very cold at night. Nonetheless, the garden here is a success. We have been enjoying... Continue Reading →

Jackson hot springs review

The Jackson hot springs are part of a lovely resort built from wood. The inside is covered in stuffed taxidermy. There is a well kitted out bar, pool table and selection of food. The changing rooms are clean and much better than the Norris and Elk horn changing rooms. The hot spring itself is outside... Continue Reading →

Big hole battlefield

Before Christopher Columbus discovered America, there were many inhabitants living there. It has been estimated that there were over 50 million people residing in America as far back as 13,000 years ago. However, when westerners came to what today is called the united states of America things drastically changed. Native settlers had to adapt to... Continue Reading →

Bannack ghost town

A short story The sun was beginning to set on the thriving town of Bannack, casting shadows across the surrounding mountains. It was a pleasant Tuesday evening and Clair was in her own little world, propelling herself on the merry-go-round. Deep in her thoughts, she jumped when her mother yelled from their doorstep; 'dinner is... Continue Reading →

Did you know?

The state of Montana is three times as big in land mass size than the UK. Yet Montana has a population size of 1 million human inhabitants and the UK has a population of 64 million people. This is part of the reason people move 'West' in the USA - to get away from people.... Continue Reading →

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