Wild Camping

Geraldine and I are becoming quite used to pitching our tents up in the middle of nowhere – be it in a majestic meadow, a lush forest or near a crystal clear stream. However, this week our spot was rather spooky for several reasons: firstly a few days before there had been a natural forest fire there; secondly, the site was even more remote than normal; and thirdly, the beetle kill was causing trees to fall down around us. Here’s a quick summary of our wild camping adventure this week:

Nonetheless, we managed to sleep soundly with the chirping birds, howling owls and wailing deer for company. The noises of the forest are something very unique. I can never quite put my finger on where the sounds are coming from and what animals are making the calls. The stream rushing through the creek is by far my favourite sound, maybe because it’s one of the few I can identify.

I am happy to be back in the yurt now, showered and fed. It is labour day this weekend, which means four days off work. We are going to a rodeo and a couple of concerts, so stay tuned to see more. It will be my first ever rodeo experience, and will no doubt be entertaining.

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