Tgif (thank goodness it’s Friday)

Call me crazy but yesterday morning I woke up at 6am for a morning run with Jessie (the mother of the family I am staying with). It was a really good run. Although the altitude is not what I’m used to (9,000 ft above sea level) I still managed to get 45 minuets in. I was pretty chuffed at this and it set me up for the day ahead.

Later on I had a wander around Dillon and explored the local museum. It was full of old items from equipment used in old ranches to old pressed plants.


I also went on an art gallery walk, through a vintage shop and a coffee shop. It was really relaxing reading my book with a hot chocolate looking at the paintings and people watching.

As it is labour day weekend, town was lively, with lots of activities occurring. I watched a country folk band for a while. They were pretty good. One more day until the rodeo and Josh Turner concert I cannot contain my excitement! Stay tuned for more…..

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