Let lose on the roads

After another beautiful 12.77 mile bike ride into work I was pumped and ready for the day ahead. It was slightly grey this morning, with the sun hiding behind the clouds. There was a small orange streak where the sun managed to illuminate part of the sky. This highlighted some of the mountains and showed their snow capped tops in the far distance. I will never get bored of the stunning mountains. They look so different every day with the varying weather. During my bike ride I also spotted some white tail deer gracefully jumping along the side of the road in the sage brush.

When I arrived at the office I was awarded my drivers licence for any forest service vehicle. I was thrilled, I have been driving the family truck but now I had permission to drive more. From the office I drove 2 hours to our field site in the truck.  We came across some real cow boys and girls, herding their cattle. It was quiet a site. They sat on their horses and the cows obediently moved in the right direction.

I got to demonstrate my amazing reversing skills – which as some of you know are not up to much on paved city roads so you can imagine how I was on the dirt roads. However, it was great fun, I love driving trucks.

When we arrived at our site, we hiked to various streams to collect temperature data. To begin with there were clear skies. Following this they got slightly grey.


Then we got a pleasant surprise…



Now it’s the weekend and we are going to Yellowstone national park tomorrow, where we will camp for two nights. I cannot wait I have heard only good things.

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