Monday madness

This morning I decided to cycle into the office, it was the most beautiful commute I have ever done. It took just over an hour. When I left the yurt, the sun was low in the sky just beginning to rise. The sky was blue with streaks of pink and displays of wispy white clouds. The mountain backdrop was phenomenal. I reached the office on such a high.


Today was an office day, I learnt a lot about the forest service and began to tackle some geo spatial analysis. Then as a treat the family and I went out for a Chinese, which was lovely.

When we got back to the yurt I was ready for a shower and bed. As I turned on the tap, at the corner of my eye I saw a shadow run along the edge of the shower. I jumped and took a closer look. It was a mouse. What to do next? I needed to get this thing out the shower. I grabbed the broom and tried to scare it but it wasn’t budging. I tried talking to it. Surprisingly this didn’t work either. I’m not sure what came over me next. I started hitting it with the dust pan and brush and it died. I killed a mouse. Writing this is still making me cringe and I’m sure I can see more shadows running around the room. Maybe it’s ghost is haunting me. I feel gross…. I killed a mouse, practically with my bare hands.


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