D. I. Y and swearing

I have always associated D. I. Y with swearing. From a young age I can remember dad in the garden cursing at some jobs he was trying to do in the house. These jobs always seemed to get started and according to mum never finished. So for me D. I. Y has never been something I particularly fancied taking up. This is evidenced by the fact that just under a year ago a housemate (remaining unnamed) and myself thought it was a good idea to hammer a screw into the wall to put up a mirror. Needless to say this had a disastrous outcome. I am pleased to announce that although I am by no means a d. I. Y whiz my skills with the tool box are improving. Today we used not one, not two but three tool boxes to dismantle a weather station. At first this was a challenge. Us three girls had no idea what we were doing.

And some tools where missing but the drive was 2 hours from the office to the site. We had no other choice than to use our improvisation skills to reach our goal.

We soon got into the swing of it. Using wrenches, alan keys and flat heads to take down the tower. At points things were a bit precarious with a dodgy ladder and sharp metal wires poking out. We finished the day with two stations down and only a few cuts and bruises – not too bad. Tomorrow we have another couple to take down so hopefully our handy skills will only get better. It felt very rewarding using all the tools, rather like a jigsaw puzzle.


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