Time flies when you’re having fun

I cannot believe I only have four weeks left in Dillon working for the Forest Service. I have learnt so much these past two months, not only in regards to environmental science but also about culture, the great outdoors and living sustainably (which believe it or not is possible). The way of life in the countryside of Montana is so much more relaxed than in the fast paced city of London. People really are at one with nature (cliche I know). I have found myself becoming more connected with the outdoors and what our planet has to offer – from resources to recreational activities.  I have seen potatoes harvested, watched processes involved in the cattle industry and picked fresh vegetables almost every day for dinner. Instead of going inside to exercise I have been hiking, biking and running on dirt roads.

While it is sad that this experience is two thirds of the way through, I have some exciting news….

Today I booked a flight to San Francisco for when I finish working here at the end of the month. Also I have another flight a few weeks later from San Diego to Mexico City. You may wonder why these destinations and to be honest I’m not too sure. They proved to be the cheapest flights and I have heard only good things about these places.  I crave adventure and I think these places will cater to that. Plus I can brush up on my Spanish skills in central America. It feels good to have a very rough idea of where I am going. The details should just fall into place when I get there (hopefully).

If any one has any recommendations of places to stay, things to see, please comment bellow. I would love to hear all.

I am excited to explore, wonder and adventure places I have only dreamed about. From city girl to cowgirl to travel girl. I am sure I can provide further more entertainment.

For now,  I will complete my internship in Dillion, cherishing this last month in the mountains, with incredible people, enjoying living in a wonderful part of the planet.

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  1. It is really lovely that you are having such a fantastic adventure – every day for you brings with it more fun and knowledge. You are doing the right thing by travelling whilst you are young and full of energy. I am looking forward to learning more about your travels. Keep well and safe.
    Love Karen x


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