Jackson hot springs review

The Jackson hot springs are part of a lovely resort built from wood. The inside is covered in stuffed taxidermy. There is a well kitted out bar, pool table and selection of food.


The changing rooms are clean and much better than the Norris and Elk horn changing rooms.

The hot spring itself is outside enclosed by a fence. The water is very hot considerably more so than Elk Horn and Norris. The pool is also very spacious so plenty of room even when there are other visitors.


It was a very relaxing and fun place to have a quick soak. The atmosphere was great, everyone was really friendly and keen to chat. If you are in the area, I would recommend stopping in especially if its in the evening or late afternoon when the weather gets a bit chilly. It was well worth the 6 dollars.


While in Jackson, you may as well hop over to Wisdom – a cute nearby town for some food or a coffee. And the the Big Hole battle field is only 10 minutes from there – so makes a good day trip

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