Big hole battlefield

Before Christopher Columbus discovered America, there were many inhabitants living there. It has been estimated that there were over 50 million people residing in America as far back as 13,000 years ago. However, when westerners came to what today is called the united states of America things drastically changed. Native settlers had to adapt to new laws and regulations, they could only live in certain areas. Over the years, as gold mines were discovered where native Americans lived they got evicted from their homes. The places they  could reside drastically reduced in size and many attempted to escape America.

A group of native Americans named Nes Perce set up a camp site in an area named the Big Hole.


They thought here they would be safe there. However, on August 9, 1877 in the early hours of the morning American soldiers invaded their campsite, set fire to their teepees, shot fire and killed 90 Nes perce men, women and children. The area was covered in blood, lives were brutally ended and the Nes Perce were never to be the same again. People fled the area leaving their dead family and friends behind with no burial. Very few may it to Canada the rest dies on the four month journey.

All that is left today is the beautiful area. The Big Hole Valley is a spectacular place but it is tainted with a devastating history. Every year there is a memorial where wooden teepee posts are put up.


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