Hammock life

I like to think I’m a white English rose. In other words I’m very pale, do not cope well in the sun and am prone to burning. Just a pretentious, less negative way of saying I’m the typical Brit that does not bode well in hot weather. The past few days chilling on the beach and biking have caused me to catch the sun a tad. I am getting more accustomed to it. However, I needed a day to hide from the heat, so in a bid to do so, I spent most of yesterday on this hammock, relaxing in the hostel shade. It was most tranquil, reading, catching up with the WiFi world and chatting to passers by at the hostel. There are lots of weird and wonderful people staying here.

In the afternoon I did bravely venture out for a nice walk to the bank.

That evening, we went to see a cover band of the greatful dead. It was quiet the experience. The gig venue was small and rather intimate. There were people there of all ages. From 21 to about 70. The older the person the more intense, crazy and impressive their dance moves were. At one point a 60 year old with a grey pony tail and long beard got on stage and started playing his harmonica with such enthusiasm I thought he was going to fall off the platform he stood on. People wore tie- dye hippy, clothes and the lighting was great – red flashing lights, not too bright. The cover band named Crash have played every Monday for 18 years. They were very good I must say, all 5 guitarists, 2 drummers and singers harmonised very well together. I guess they have had  a lot of practice. I enjoyed watching the audience dance as much as watching the band play. There were all kinds of folk – mainly regulars. Of course it was fun to have a good bob up and down and crazy dance too.


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