Boat trip, markets and salsa dancing

My host took me to Oxochimilco for a beautiful cruise down the canals there. Mexico used to be a lake but citizens built a city over it. Oxochimilco has historical Aztec floating islands covering the remaining lake .


It was beautiful, peaceful and quiet in comparison to the crazy city centre packed full of people, noise and traffic. While there were still several other boats it was way less manic than what I had seen prior in the city centre. Along side our private boat smaller boats pulled up, one sold us some pulque (alcohol made from cactus).


After our relaxing boat ride we went to Sananhel were we strolled around the market and stopped off for some dinner. It was such a fun place to eat. A Cuban band played to us while people salsa danced. I had a whirl remembering some moves from Peru. I was extremely rusty, especially in comparison with all the Mexicans who were good dancers. Some better than others of course.

My host then dropped me off at my hostel, costing a grand total of £6.50 a night (including breakfast and dinner). It is pretty basic but it’s clean and does the job. The only issue is that I am on a top bunk with no ladder or railing. However, with a bargain price I cannot complain.

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