Day four in Barcelona

Up until day four our holiday was pretty jam packed seeing all the fascinating, stunning and exciting sites of Barcelona. So if you are lucky enough to have a fair few days make sure to dedicate one day to relaxing. This could be on the beach, in the air conditioned hotel or in a cafe nearby. While there is so much to see there are also so may ways to relax. My personal favorite is watching Spanish Soap operas which we are not lucky enough to get on UK TV. These are highly dramatic, full of tears, arguments and loud music. The acting is so over the top that it is actually the perfect way to learn Spanish.

After having your chilled out day I would recommend visiting a local town outside of Barcelona. We visited my friend in Montero for dinner. We took the train from Clot – Aregon station to Monetro. The train ride was the best one I have been on yet. We journeyed parallel to the sea. I loved looking out the window and seeing the white sand, big blue ocean and locals playing volleyball, sitting, chatting and picnicking after work. What a life style!


So we met my friend for some mojitos on the beach and then joined up with her two Spanish friends and Indian friend (also on holiday) for some dinner. We were an international bunch, spoke about politics, life and the very controversial Pokemon go! It was a fantastic evening and interesting to hear everyone views. While our new Indian friend said he could not live on 1,000 euros a month our new Spanish friends claimed that they did and it was okay! While the salaries may be low in Spain, they have the hot weather, gorgeous beaches and tasty tapas. It is all relative and I guess we get used to what we have.


We missed the last train back so took the night bus which was easy enough. I would say check the time tables before you go just in case. We were told that as it was a Friday there should be late trains. Best just to check with the ticket office before hand. I would definitely recommend going to a town outside Barcelona – for a more authentic, local and cheaper dinner experience on the beach.


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