Day three in Barcelona

Barcelona has the best of both worlds, it offers a busy city life, with lots of fast paced activities while the city also provides a tranquil white sand beach to relax on with friends. To get a real feel of the beautiful city and this ever so appealing contrast you can take a cable car from the metro station Paral-lel to Parc de Montejuic. Soaring high above the busy city the views are phenomenal, the sheer amount of houses, buildings and cathedrals can be seen all lumped together on the coast. You will pass  green hilly parks and if lucky spot people bellow you roaming about minding their own business.


On reaching the park you will be dropped at the top of the hill next to an ancient castle. Choose to go in and explore or simply walk around the stunning park. Stop off at viewing points to take pictures and make sure not to miss the water features.


If you keep walking down through the park and reach another cable car spot (one which takes you to the port) you will find a rather posh restaurant called Martini – here the locals seem to gather. Fresh fish, seafood and paella dishes were on offer. Of course do not miss out on a jug of sangria with your paella. After filling up , it is time for a siester, chill in the park or relax with a coffee in the near by hotel, looking at the fantastic views.


In the evening I recommend taking the metro to Espanya – here you will catch the light show which starts at 9.30pm outside the Palua National (art gallery). It is great with colourful lights illuminating the water fountains. It is best to get there early to grab your spot as it gets super busy. The fountain was built in 1929. Sit or stand back, relax and take in the magical show, water spurts high into the air to the beat of the music.


Near by street artists dance and people stream in and out of restaurants. There is always something to do in Barcelona.



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