Travelling opens doors

While most of us go traveling to learn, explore and have fun, wandering the planet to our hearts desire can lead to great opportunities. For those of us who travel after university unsure what career path to take and hoping to find answers, it may appear to people back home that we are escaping from something. However, we are not escaping but searching. I went travelling to continue my education in an alternative manner, to find inspiration and see how the other half live. I not only saw many differing ways of life but i experienced them from several home stays and fully taking on the local culture (even if this did involve eating insects). I fell in love with the road so much so that I documented my journey on this travel blog. I came to realise that writing is my passion. On returning home I got trapped in a difficult job, felt a bit lost and had to deal with cultural readjustment. Now I am finally getting back to my passion…. writing. I have just been accepted to be a freelance writer for an online woman’s magazine: Her Daily My first post has just been published. While I am still a long way from establishing my career path, I just wanted to show that traveling is far from being a waste of time, it can open up doors. So where will your traveling journey take you?


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  1. Congratulations Sarah on reaching and achieving such an interesting career decision. You are so well placed as a writer and we continue to look forward to reading many more of your well written and thoughtful articles. You are naturally talented and inherited in some small or maybe large part from your family genes. Mandy and Mark G.

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