5 reasons female solo travel is the best thing you can do

MEETING NEW PEOPLE – If you wonder the world alone you will find yourself talking to strangers, fellow travelers and locals. By being alone you are putting yourself out there to meet new people. Most of us thrive off social interactions and need them to survive. Consequently, by traveling alone you will be forced to talk to new people, that are fascinating. This brings me onto my next point…

YOU WILL LEARN SO MUCH – you will be taught varying  ways of looking at life, the afterlife and spirituality from these unique, interesting individuals, you will also learn about yourself – what you enjoy and what is important, needless to say you will gain a wealth of knowledge regarding new cultures, different regions and of course you will pick up other languages (even if it is just the swear words).

FREEDOM – you can do what ever you want to do. When travelling alone you can wake up one day and say I am going to Mexico tomorrow, you do not need to consult any one, you can simply wonder where you please. You can live a secret life – one where you can wear odd shoes and no one will even bat an eye lid and if they do you’ll never see them again, what does it matter?

YOU WILL GET IMMENSELY STRONG – both physically and mentally. You will get used to hauling your baggage everywhere by your self and learn how to be self sufficient. You no longer need a crutch in your life you can survive alone and therefore you can do anything.

IT WILL BE INSANELY FUN – last but by no means least you will have the time of your life. Travelling along, doing as you wish, seeing fantastic sites and exploring new places you will gain memories to be treasured for a life time.

While the thought of jetting off into the unknown alone can seem scary, it is the most rewarding, inspiring and fantastic thing anyone can do. Talk to any solo female traveler and you will get the same response. Yes there are challenges, nothing comes easy in life, but if you pursue your dream and get on that plane, you will have no regrets.


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