New Place, New Base

When wondering the planet alone, with friends or with your partner, you may reach a place you fancy staying for longer than two or three days. If this is the case it may be an idea to try out a language course, meet some new people or see what is going on. It is not always easy to find these things. Here is how I went about setting up a base in new place:

Accommodation: Choosing the right accommodation will do you wonders. If traveling alone, it is best to find a lively backpacker hostel. This is very easily done. Check out Hostel World for social places to stay. Make sure to look at ratings and reviews (generally speaking very useful, ignore the comments about slow wifi – you are traveling wifi will be slow everywhere).

Meet up: Check out the website Meet Up – this shows you all groups in your local area. From Hiking to Computer meet ups. It sounds like a dating website but I can assure you it is not. There are all kinds of groups and if you are looking for a date, I am sure they will have a singles meet up near you too. The language meet ups are my favorite – go and practice with locals.

Couch Surfing: The Couch Surfing website is not just to find a place to stay but it is also to make friends. Feeling lonely in a new place, hop online and find a local to show you around. Lots of people love taking travelers around their city not all want to be hosts.

Keep an eye out for leaflets: Read leaflets in the hostel, market or local town hall. there may be some language workshops, yoga classes or football sessions to join in with.

Being in a new place can be daunting, I find it best to get stuck in and try new things. If after a little while you do not click with the new destination grab your backpack and find somewhere better. Most importantly, do what you love and enjoy.


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