Who knew Bradford could be so nice…

Bradford City seems to have a bad name for its self. Yes – some parts of Bradford may be a little run down (like all cities) but if you can see past this and visit, you will be amazed with the wealth of history, abundance of spectacular buildings and lovely country side that Bradford homes.

Start by visiting Saltaire – a village in Bradford which is indeed designated as a World Heritage Site. It is named after Sir Titus Salt, who established a Textile Mill in the area in 1853.


What to do in Saltaire:

Textile Mill – You can easily spend the entire day exploring the old mill which is currently open to the public. You can wonder in free of charge and look at the wonderful gallery inside. On the first floor is an David Hockney exhibition. As you make your way up there are book shops, art shops and a cafe on the top floor. Browse all the interesting books, pieces of art and gifts.


Wonder the streets – It is definitely worth walking around Saltaire and looking at the architecture. the buildings are beautifully unique. Locally distinctive stone, mined from the area has been used to build all of the houses. As it is a UNESCO site, the buildings have been preserved. There are some quaint cafes to visit too.

Walk along the canal –  the stretch of canal by Saltaire is magical. It is surround by lush, green fields, which home little ponies. It makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon walk.

Festivals – Before you visit have a google and see if any festivals are occurring –  Saltaire Festivals. I was lucky enough to catch the The 9-18th September festival this year. There was free live music, many food stands and a tonne of people.


Getting there:

It is a 15 mile journey from Leeds City Center to Saltaire, along the Leeds Canal. It is the perfect bike ride being largely flat and not too strenuous. You can take multiple breaks on the benches overlooking the still, peaceful and picturesque canal. If need be, there is a train station in Saltaire so you can take the train back to Leeds. Or indeed you can reach Saltaire by rail from wherever you may be.


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