A day trip to Manchester

Manchester is a city situated in the North West of England. It was the world’s first industrial city in the 18th century and is rich in history. Today Manchester proves to be a fun-filled day or night out with lots to offer. Here are some different things to explore in Manchester:

John Rylands Library – was opened to the public in 1900, it is a Victorian, no-Gothic building which homes 4 million books and has a wonderful architecture. It is well worth popping in, you will gawp at the stunning interior. And entry is totally free.


Manchester County court – if you fancy witnessing some drama you can sit in the viewing gallery in the court and listen to some cases. I must warn, you will probably leave feeling somewhat strange and rather blessed to not be in such a sticky situation. Lecture theater 16 has the most fascinating and gripping cases

Afflecks Palace – If Camden Town was a building it would be the Afflecks Palace. It is a huge four story complex. With hippy, gothic and emo stalls and shops in. It also has a super cool American Candy Store section and a cereal cafe. Wonder through the weird and wonderful building taking in all aspects of it.


Shopping – There are tonnes of shops to explore, from neat indie art shops to your main high street chain stores. If you need to get some Christmas presents in, it is the ideal location. The Trafford center will cater to all needs.

Cat Cafe – Believe it or not there is a cat cafe in Manchester. A recent BBC article assessed the effects of these on the welfare of cats: Are Cat Cafes Good for Cats? Regardless, if you are curious why not check out the one in Manchester. There are only a small handful in the UK.

Eat Cake – The cafe ‘Home Sweet Home’ has the most fantastic selection of huge, scrumptious, mouth-watering cakes. Well worth a pit stop. I mean just look at the pictures….


Costing £4.50 for a gigantic slice you can not go wrong. One between two is most definitely  enough after a big lunch.



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