Day trip to Windsor

Planning your trip to London may seem somewhat overwhelming. There is so much to see and do. The best thing is to split London up into sections. The next few posts will provide day trip ideas in London by area.

Fancy seeing how the other half live?

…Visit Windsor. 

When arriving at Heathrow airport, you are a 15 minute drive or taxi ride away from Windsor (a market town on the river Thames). It is rather posh to say the least. Windsor is home to the famous boarding school – Eton College. This boy’s college founded in 1440 by King Henry VI is where prestigious, rich and well- known politicians previously studied. The architecture in and around Eton is phenomenal.

As you walk along the lovely, tranquil streets make sure to look up at the buildings. They are old, ornate and quaint. If you are visiting during term time, you will see boys in tail coat suits walking around. It will feel like you are in the Harry Potter movie.


There are many nice shops (from suits to gift stores), a vast array of restaurants and some cute pubs to stop in. Keep a keen eye out for all the expensive vintage cars and race cars, casually parked along the streets. Walk to your hearts content admiring the area.


Check out the traditional train station – there is an old, life size, steam train to see there.

Roaming around you will reach the unmissable Windsor Castle. This is one of the Queens many homes. Pay a visit inside for £20 or simple walk around the outside checking out its magnitude. If you do go inside make sure to get there early as you will need a few hours exploring to make it worth while. We did not go inside as there was not enough time and were happy enough gawping at the castle from the outside.


Top Tips for visiting Windsor:

  • Parking – take change to pay for parking or register your vehicle before hand (call 02030032526) and when you get there enter your location code (found in the car park). No parking is free in Windsor – even the street parking – there were many wardens out catching people.
  • Take a camera or phone – there are many photo opportunities in this beautiful place.
  • Look online before to get a discounted ticket for visiting Windsor Castle. You can buy a London Pass allowing you in many attractions or if you buy a railway ticket you can get 2 for 1 on Windsor Castle.
  • Leave an afternoon for mooching around Windsor, it is a stunning place, which provides a calm introduction to London.


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