Stop off at the Queen’s for Afernoon Tea

When in London, it is obligatory to drink a cup of English tea, eat some scones with cream and strawberry jam and visit the queen. You may not be able to shake hands with her majesty but you can at least go and gawp at her palace. If you take the tube to Green Park Station, the queen’s Buckingham palace is a five minute walk away. Arriving at 11.30 you can see the changing of the guards event. This lasts forty minutes and  is one of the few times you will witness the guards actually moving. For the entirety of their duty they must stand very very still and not move a muscle.


Walking through St Jame’s park is absolutely beautiful. During the Autumn you can walk on the crunchy, crispy, orange leaves and see you trees shed their once green leaves.


The Ritz hotel is one of the most pretentious and expensive places to stay in London. If you dare, walk inside for a quick peek. Unfortunately, you won’t get far before the security guards tells you not to go into the tea room in training shoes. Nonetheless, you can still get a feel for it. Walk to the reception area to see the price lists. The cheapest room is £400 and the most expensive £11,000 per night. Sickening, right?

Next stop would have to be Fortnum and Masons department store. It sells just about everything imaginable.  It is a great place to buy some English gifts for those back at home (that is if you do not mind spending at least £10). I would recommend trying the wine samples. You can load up a card at the cashier, then place it in a machine and try out some wines.We put £2 on the card and got about 6 samples – more than enough.


It is fun to walk by all the expensive designer shops on Jerymn Street and see the crazy amount of wealth people have. Make your way to Regents Street and take in that London buzz.


From here you can walk to Oxford Street – where there are more high street stores. It is a great place to go shopping. Carnaby street is a nice place to stop for a bite to eat. I would end up in Self-ridges for a Lola’s cupcake for dessert – you will not regret it.

Still got an ounce of energy – make your way over to the British Museum, it is free entry so you can pop in for as long as you please. It shuts at 5.30pm . You can spend half an our there or a full day, depending on your mood.



End your fun filled day, with some fish and chips – an English delicacy!


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