Top 6 British Dishes

London is extremely culturally diverse, so much so that when visiting it may be hard to determine what exactly is typical English food. Have no fear, here is a list of the six most important British dishes, that must be tasted.

Fish and Chips – This is best from sea-side locations but there are also some great Fish and Chips restaurants in London (Toffs and The Two Brothers are excellent). I would recommend trying Haddock fried in batter, with salty chips, mushy peas and a gherkin. Make sure to smother it all in vinegar and ketchup – yum. If feeling indecisive about which type of fish to try, ask the staff which is the freshest that day.


A Sunday Roast Dinner – typically English families gather together on Sunday afternoons for a meat feast. Chicken or roast beef, with roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, peas and of course Yorkshire Puddings (these are pastry type delights, made from flour, milk and eggs). The dish tastes best when coated with gravy and with a dash of mustard or cranberry sauce on the side. If feeling adventurous try some stuffing too.


Bangers and Mash – in other-words, sausages with creamy mashed potatoes, peas and again covered in gravy. This English comfort food never fails to disappoint.


Pie and gravy – Here we are again with the gravy, us Brits just cannot get enough. Saucy meat or vegetables covered in pastry served with rich mashed potatoes causes wonders to the taste buds.


Toad in a hole – This is sausages in a pasty type dish. To make the pastry it is actually the same method and ingredients as making a Yorkshire pudding. So in effect a toad in the hole is a massive Yorkshire pudding cooked with sausages.


Full English Breakfast – There are different variations of this huge dish. The most important ingredients are; crispy fried or grilled bacon, eggs, baked beans, sausages, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and black pudding. It is normally served with toast (however the picture below is with waffles – more unique). A full English provides a great kick start to the day (indeed you probably will not need to eat anything else for a long time).


In my opinion these are the top British dishes. However, there are plenty more to try out. Do you agree with my top six choices or is there something else you would add?

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