How to Make your Global Adventure as Affordable as Possible

Travelling is not just for the rich and famous…

Do you have a burning desire to travel the world but cannot for the life of you work out how to gather thousands of pounds to fund your trip? Have no fear, there are ways to get around spending a fortune on exploring.

Working abroad:

Consider starting your trip working abroad. This way you can earn money, get free accommodation and food while exploring a new place. A fantastic way to learn about new cultures, see new sights and taste typical foods is to indeed become a local. So how do you find a job? There are various websites that can help:

Work Away (posts opportunities abroad – both volunteering and paid)

The US Forest Service International Visitor Programme (they sponsor visas to America and provide a monthly allowance).

Woofing – has opportunities to work in organic farms all over the globe.

These are just a few, a quick google search will highlight more opportunities. If you are at University your school will also help, careers centers sometimes post opportunities abroad too.

So now you have worked for a bit, saved some money and gained an experience living as a local you may want to explore further regions. This can still be done on the cheap.


A good place to find cheap flights is Sky Scanner. When researching flights, google will save your choices and so the next time you check them, they will be more expensive. Just be weary of this and try to book on a different computer or the first time you search.Google Flights is also a useful resource which tells you the cheapest airports and dates to fly.

Where possible avoid flights as they can be more expensive, depending where you are, try hitchhiking (see A Guide to Hitchhiking ) or taking buses, trains or hiring cars.


Cheap and sociable accommodation can be found on Hostel World. The reviews are very useful warning you or recommending you on the best places to stay.

For free accommodation try Couch Surfing. However, your main purpose of using couch surfing should be because you want to meet cool, new people who can teach you about their culture. The free couch or bed is a bonus.


Staying on budget with food can be achieved by eating local street food, steering away from the main stream, touristy restaurants and copying the local. Chose hostels with kitchens and cook up a storm with fellow hostel dwellers. Note that some times buying ingredients may be more expensive than eating out (depending on what you fancy).






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