There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

As Christmas is approaching and a lots of us are blessed to have a family around us, shelters over our heads and comfortable beds to sleep in; it is important to take a moment out to think of those less fortunate.

If you are traveling, volunteering or helping those in need, please share your stories below. Lets focus on how we can help make a difference at home and abroad.

Here is an inspirational story about an incredible individual:

Among the pain and trauma left by hurricane Mathew in Haiti a shimmer of hope was provided by a remarkable individual.  In St Antoine, a town where 80 % of the buildings were ruined and all the crops destroyed, a little faith was restored moments after the devastating storm. In St Antoine’s hospital, the storm created a terrifying power cut, along with unnerving floods, resulting in patients being trapped in the building. A midwife named Casimir decided that she would carry on with her duties, regardless of the impossible circumstances. With no light, clean water or assistance she delivered six new lives (two boys and four girls). These babies will need shelter, clean water and food. Hopefully through raising awareness charities and international aid will help.

Reference: Guardian Article

This story struck a chord with me. While the headlines over the past day have been all doom and gloom. With politics taking over and our future appearing uncertain, there have been miraculous events too. Now we need to help ensuring these babies have the comforts we are so lucky to have. There is no easy answer but please share all thoughts and opinions.

When we travel we see both hardship and hope. It is important to explore and see how others live. While there is no clear answers of ways to help others, if we put our selves out there we

As thanksgiving is approaching it is time to be thankful for all we have.

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