5 Apps You Will Need as a Traveller

While at times as a traveller you may want to experience a yoga retreat in the depths of an exotic forest devoid of wifi, sometimes we just need our technology fix. As a modern traveller we are blessed to have a wealth of information at our fingertips.

So when we get the chance to stay in a wifi hostel or sit in a coffee shop with free connection, what apps should we download as our travelling companions? Here are the top recommendations for the modern-day explorer. Far gone are the days of rummaging through old library books and relying on outdated-maps and confusing compasses.

Google Maps:

Completely lost and confused? Fear not. Just open up Google maps and the blue dot will show you exactly where you are. No wifi is required, as Google maps runs on satellite data. If you want directions from your hostel to a museum, when you are in a wifi zone search the directions and then once you leave the wifi zone you will be able to follow the route freely.

Couch surfing:

This app is super useful for finding friends, hosts and local tour guides. The best bit is it is free (unless you pay for a premium account – not really necessary). Type in the location you want to explore and connect with locals. You can message people to ask to stay on their couch for free or just ask for some advice about exploring their home town.  You can also start threads to find fellow travellers to join you on your adventure.

Google Translate:

When in countries which do not speak your native language it is important to try to communicate with locals. Using the Google translate App does not even require wifi. You can download a whole language when in a wifi zone and then use it anywhere and everywhere (as long as you have phone battery).

Hostel world:

Book hostels on the go. It could not be easier to find accommodation. You can read ratings, reviews and see exactly where hostels are on a map. This app is very useful. Save your card details and you won’t need to worry about digging your credit card out from the bottom of your rucksack. You will put a small deposit on bookings and pay the rest when you arrive.

Trip Advisor:

This app has it all, from restaurants to ideas for day trips. Read numerous reviews informing you about the best places to spend time. If you are unsure where to eat, to stay or to drink Trip Advisor will assist you.

When taking a break from your downward dog pose at sunrise, sit down for a moment and check your couch surfing inbox. You may have new host waiting for you.  Yes technology can interfere with out traveling experience but it can also open new doors and guide us to new destinations.


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