London’s 3,000 year old forest

Fancy a forest walk?

I know I do.

Finding a quiet stretch of nature in London can be a tricky affair. It also depends on how we personally define nature. However, that’s a different debate for another day.

For now, if we look hard enough we can find peaceful woodland and fascinating wildlife on our doorsteps. A thirty minute drive from my home in London is Epping Forest an area of Special Scientific Interest.


Whatever the weather going for a walk along a muddy, tree lined path never fails to disappoint.

Epping Forest is home to 50,000 ancient trees and 100 lakes and ponds. Be sure to stop by to say hi to the ducks.



Getting there:

Take the tube to Chingford station – from there it is a five minute walk to the forest. Or drive there (parking is free on weekends).

Where to eat:

Chingford high-street provides lots of cafes, restaurants and bakeries. There are chains such as Zizzi, Costa, Nero as well as cute independent cafes and bistros. There is a market on Sundays where you can buy some sweeties, organic eggs, fresh seafood or yummy looking cakes.

Walking routes:

The park has many maps and arrows to point you along looped short walks. If in doubt ask people along the way. A great place to walk to in Epping forest is Connaught Water (very near to Chingford station).



If a simple walk doesn’t satisfy you there are other options such as mountain biking, horse riding or even fishing. Get stuck in some conservation work or a group walk.


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