Relaxing Rishikesh

By chance I woke up at 7am just in time for a free yoga class on the hostel rooftop. It was a great start to the day.

Shortly after the weather took a turn for the worse. It was the first time I have seen rain in India. Silver lightning bolts shot through the sky shortly after loud thunder rumbeled through the valley. We had a spectacular light show.

The storm was the perfect excuse to relax in the hostel and socialise with others. We played a game of poker.

As the rain began to ease off we went for another yoga session in a nearby center. It was superb, rather intense but I learnt a lot. It cost 300 rupees (£3) for a two hour session.

Rishikesh is a lazy touristy village which does not feel like the real India. There are still cows roaming the streets but the village is much calmer than the other cities I have visited.

Rishakesh is catered towards westerners. You can hangout in cafes, take part in adventure sports and participate in yoga classes. It is the perfect place to recharge for a few days. I can see why people end up staying months. It is gorgeous and still fairly cheap.

Rishikesh is worth the visit, especially if you enjoy yoga as it is the yoga capital of the world.

Bunk Stay is a nice hostel to sleep in. It is a good distance away from all the commercial stores (slightly set back). It is also well situated for chilling on the river beaches and walking to the waterfalls. It has a fantastic rooftop to relax on. The dorm rooms are adequate – not 100 percent clean but nothing terrible. For the price it is a great option.

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  1. Sarah, Enjoy the well earned peace and rest in Rishikesh which sounds lovely. Your adventures so far have for certain been hectic. It must be nice to have the calm despite the storm. Love Mandy and Mark.

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