Day two in Chandigarh

We began the day with another hearty breakfast and then drove around Chandigarh to explore. Like any city it is fairly congested with lots of traffic. Particularly as it is the school holidays.

Chandigarh is built in a grid like manner. It has numbered sections and blocks much like in American cities.

We visited the shopping district checking out jewellery and scarfs being sold on the streets.

Many well to do people live in Chandigarh. This is apparent from the impressive houses and expensive designer shops. Punjab is the most wealthy state in India. This is because it is extremely fertile with five rivers running through it. Punjab translates directly to ‘five waters.’ It’s nick name is the ‘rice bowl’ and ‘bread basket’.

Chandigarh’s rock garden is another gorgeous park to hang out in. We sat looking at the trees while tucking into an ice-cream. It was a really special moment.

We returned home and I went for another run in the local park. Many were power walking and children were playing. It seemed to be a social hang out destination.

We enjoyed more food before I said goodbye. It has been such a wonderful stay where I have truly felt part of the family. I have been so overwhelmingly loved despite only being introduced a few days ago. My friend’s father and driver took me to the bus stop at 2am and waited for me to safely board.

I am so grateful to everyone for making my stay in Punjab absolutely wonderful. I can’t thank everyone enough and welcome you all to London.

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