Sun-set dinner by the Ocean in Oia

Each pilgrim in the hostel made an effort to wake us up, by loudly packing their bags, talking to each other or flinging their belongings across the cramped room. My brother hit the nail on the head when he described the youth hostel as being odd because there were no youth there. Most guests were 60 years or older minus us. I didn’t mind too much. The hostel was lovely and the guests I spoke to were friendly. However, my brothers experience was different. Apparently, an American woman could not leave her husband’s side and so continuously walked into the male dorm to talk with him. This happened in the evening, when my brother was trying to change. It also happened in the morning at 6am when he was trying to sleep and then again at 7.00am and repeatedly after. At one point she was talking to her husband across my brother on the top bunk as he ‘slept’. He was fuming and had to get up.

Consequently, we left early that morning at around 9.00 am – our record. We enjoyed a hearty porridge breakfast in the hostel overlooking the sea. This for me was perfection. I missed my porridge and love watching the ocean.


The beginning of the walk was my favourite so far. The sea-view was magical. Plus the morning was fresh.


Two hours later we took a ferry across the river to continue our walk. The ferry cost €1.50 and lasted around 10 minutes. It left at 11.00 and every hour after.


At the other side we made it to Aguardia (our minimum goal for the day). When there the albergue wasn’t open untill 4pm. Not wanting to wait around and keen for a shower, we plodded on aiming for Oia, with the idea of treating ourselves to a hotel.

The path coastal path ran out at times, so we were guided to the main road. While, walking on the busy road was not as good as the coastal footpaths, we still had either great sea views or pretty forestsed backdrops.


Swapping from road to path we saw what looked like a settlement – we must be near we thought. We had been walking for hours and hours.


Breaking to give our painful legs a rest was very much needed. We sat under a tree and watched the sea wash up and down the shore.


We reached Oia at 6.30pm, exhausted. This was the most tired we had been so far. The tourist information shop called a hotel for us and we limped over to Hotel A Reina. There was a bath – I was sold. Costing €60 for a twin room we accepted.

After freshening up we hobbled into town for dinner. We chose to eat in Taperia a camboa. The setting was magical. While munching on our fresh paella and tapas we watched the sun set over the ocean. Creamy croquettes melted in my mouth. And flavoursome sea-food tickled my taste buds. Meanwhile, the sun lit up the cathedral highlighting its intricate design.


The combination of fantastic food and spectacular scenery provided us with a wonderful end to our hard day of walking.


That evening we slept soundly.


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