An unexpected breakfast

Making the most of staying in a hotel with a balcony we had a lie-in. This morning there were no pensioners around to wake us up at the crack of dawn. We slowly made our way down to breakfast. No one was around in the restaurant. Nor were there any places set out for us. I found a disagreeable member of staff who plonked cutlery, bread, cake and juice infront of us on a table. She then disappeared to carry on with her cleaning duties. Breakfast was mediocre. I wanted some milk but she hadn’t given us any. She pointed to the bread and cereal, indicating to help ourselves (I think). Looking into the fridge, there was loads of wine and a bottle of chocolate milk. I thought I would pour some on my cereal and give my brother a glass. To Jonathan’s amusement on sipping his chocolate milk, he discovered that it was chocolate liquor. No wonder it was stored in the wine fridge. The moody woman would be back at any moment and be least pleased if she saw what I had done. We couldn’t drink it all as it was very strong and only 11.30am. Disaster. I stole their alcohol without meaning to. I tried to eat the cereal coated in liquor but it was too much. We emptied the glass in the sink, feeling most wasteful and guilty. Without further ado we packed up, paid and left as quickly as we could.

We walked around Oia looking for a place to buy compeeds (blister plasters). No such luck. Consequently, we joined the Camino trail once more at around 1ish.


We passed a couple of Australians that we met on the ferry the day before. They had walked to Oia that morning through the fog.

We stopped for a while in a beautiful coastal cafe for a peach juice and coffee. Here we read our books and relaxed before setting off again.


Our next stop was at 4pm for a late lunch. Sitting with a friendly couple from Newcastle. The gentleman told us all about his career as an engineer. He worked on oil rigs all over the country.

We set off again needing to walk around 12 km to the next place for the night. We bumped into the group of 6 Australian’s from a couple of days before. They also were aiming for Baiona.

One man in the group – Steve, was considerably faster than the rest. He walked with us for quite some time, telling us about all the triathlons he had done over the years. He used to do one every weekend. No wonder he was so speedy. He was also walking in sandals and one of the only people we met that wasn’t sweating, in pain or covered in blisters.

After an hour of pacing together, he said he better wait for the others in his team. We powered on and made it to a hostel in Baiona ready for a shower and bed.

Once freshened up we looked around the supermarket, found blister plasters and bought some microwave rice and sauce for dinner – quick and easy.

A German lady in the hostel, told us her plan for the next day. It involved taking a bus to skip – Vigo (she claimed it to be a big industrial town) and then she was going to board another bus to Redonela (a quieter town, which would be better to sleep in).

We went to sleep considering our options for the next day. We had just completed 25km and hadn’t had a rest day yet.


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