A night in the mountains

We woke up at 8am in time to shower and check out. Leaving the hostel we were still not 100% sure what we were doing. We saw a bus stop opposite, where I asked a lady if the buses went to Vigo. She said; ‘yes’. The weather was poor – very misty. The sky was covered in a blanket of fog. It seemed silly not to board the bus.

On the bus, my brother fell asleep immediately. This was definitely the right decision. On arriving in Vigo 50 minutes later opposed to 5 hours later, there was another bus next to ours going to Redonela. Again it seemed too easy to miss the chance to board it. Consequently, we arrived in Redonela at 11.30am.

We went to the first cafe we saw for a coffee and orange juice. Using the WiFi we searched for a place to stay. There was a lovely place online called As Chivas. By the time we decided we definitely wanted to stay there, it was fully booked on booking.com. So I called them on the phone instead. I couldn’t get through. Searching for other places, nothing looked as good.

A little while later, I received a call on my phone, it was the hotel calling back. I proceeded to book a room for the night. Result, not only did we have a room in a beautiful place but I arranged it all in Spanish.

We walked through the forest to get to As Chavas. The hotel was situated 1.5 km off the camino path. After clambering up steep inclines we reached the hotel. The sweaty walk was well worth it.

The afternoon was spent hula hooping, reading and then enjoying tapas for dinner.

I also got the chance to watch Spanish soap operas before falling deeply to sleep.


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