Day 7 of the hike

Having a comfortable lie-in was magical. We made our way to breakfast where we enjoyed pastries and yoghurt.

Feeling refreshed it was time to set off. I thanked the receptionist for our stay. She kissed me goodbye and pointed us in the right direction. The day began walking downhill (what a treat). This did not last very long, before we knew it there were some more hills to climb. We passed a small town where we bought pastries.


Shortly after we reached a perfect spot for lunch. Overlooking the sea we took a pew and tucked into our cheese sandwiches and goods from the bakery. Dog walkers powered past talking to their pets, mums pushed their buggies along the path, while others sat down and chatted. Almost everyone greeted us, a few told us to enjoy our meal and residents wished us luck on our walk.


Mustering the strength to get up and go was somewhat tricky. We walked along a river outlet and then over a bridge.


The walk continued through forests and towns before reaching the wonderful city Ponteverde. Not having a reservation we asked if they had two spare beds in the first Camino house we saw, to our surprise all beds were taken. We went to 4 More places – all full. The last hostel we tried gave us water and a list of places to call. Finding one called Casa Sara, I thought this might be lucky. I called up and the lady confirmed she had a room. She gave us directions and we set off. The house was number 17 (my birthday date, it was meant to be).

The kind lady let us in and explained the house rules. She also gave us a map and various recommendations.


Wondering around town we bumped into a German couple we had met in a previous hostel. They were also looking for somewhere to eat but they were struggling. We soon realised why. In Spain dinner doesn’t start until 9pm. It was only 7pm but we were starving.


We spied a pizza stand and my brother bought a slice to keep him going. We sat down in the main square while he tucked in. Pigeons flew by. The square was lively. Parents sat on benches while their children ran around. Couple’s sat drinking wine. Friend’s chatted loudly.

We made friends with a fellow traveller and all went together for bocados (Spanish sandwiches). As the sun descended the air got cooler. We were ready to walk back to Casa Sara. Walking through to old town, magnificent churches were lit up.



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