Santander Cycles in Swansea

The quaint city Swansea is situated on the south coast of Wales. It is home to a large University and a historic castle. The city has Santander bikes that you can hire. They are located in the town center and in the university campus. We decided that hiring them would be the best way to explore the city.

To begin you need to download the Santander Cycle app. You then register, filling in your details. This takes a little while. It was slightly frustrating. I would advise doing this prior to your adventure, when you have WiFi and a cup of tea to hand. You then scan one of the bikes. A code will appear on your phone that you type into the bike’s computer. This releases the bike. If you have any problems the customer service help line is very useful. You pay £2 to register. If you Dock the bike in every 30 minutes you don’t pay anything else. Otherwise it is £1 extra per 30 minutes over.

We cycled along the sea front to the Swansea University Campus. The yellow sand looked picturesque. The sea stretched out far in front of us. It took us just 20 minutes before we docked our bikes in the main campus.

Walking into Swansea University we found the common room and enjoyed our packed lunch. There was a huge pile of take away Dominos pizza boxes next to the recycling bin. All around us students munched on pizza. Giving away free pizza at the fresher fair clearly did the trick for Dominos. Students were a semester in and still hooked on the pizza.

Looking at Google maps it appeared there were no more Santander bike docks coming up. It would be best if we paid extra and cycled further.

With this in mind we ventured to the Mumbles. The pier was under construction so we cycled on, we reached the top of a hill and took a seat. Breathing in the fresh sea air I admired the slate rocks jutting out into the sea. The waves crashed in creating a calming sound. I lay down, letting the sun heat me up. I could have stayed there forever. However, we were keen to get some more miles in.


Next we cycled along suburbia roads and made it to Langland Bay. There was a delightful cafe overlooking the sea. We took a sea and enjoyed a cappuccino and some biscuits we had in our rucksack. Dog walker strolled past. Families chatted away and couples enjoyed hot beverages next to us.


The cycle back was straight forward. We retraced our steps and docked the bikes in at the University and then took them out again to go back to the town center. According to my Google Maps we cycled 27km.

We saw a roof top bar called The Grape and Olive and decided to venture in. We took the lift up to the top and asked to look at the menu. It was rather pricy so instead we had a look around took some pictures and said we may come back later.


Hungry we needed somewhere quick for dinner so we returned to Griffin for some cheap grub.

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  1. Sarah, This was an interesting post for us as Steven went to Swansea University and has only just returned to London. All the places you mentioned were familiar and Mandy showed your post to Steven. We love Wales and The Big Pit reminded us of fond memories of travelling there when Steven and Alex were a lot younger. Hope your 10 days travelling carries on being fun and lovely to heat the sun has shone on you at least some of the time. With love from the Gutwins.

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    1. I thought of Steven when we were looking around the University. It must have been a lovely place to live. He was lucky to have the sea on his doorstep. Must be calming for the students to relax on the beach when revision gets too much. I look forward to chatting when we go to Bang Bang. We can compare notes about Wales. I bet the boys loved the Big Pit too, what an intersting place. Thank you, love Sarah


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