Train to Tyreso, Sweden

Travelling by train in Sweden is extremely comfortable. There is plenty of legroom and on the whole, trains are punctual.

We left Mora in the morning and 4 hours later we were back in Stockholm (there was one change at Morastrand station).

From Stockholm, you can take the 875 bus to Tyreso (a small village in the Archepeligo). It is here we (well my organised brother ) had booked the affordable STF hostel -Vandrarhem Lilla Tyresö costing £20 each per night. We basically had a huge house to ourselves. It was very clean and homely.

In Tyreso we followed a signposted trail through forests and around lakes. Not knowing what the trail was or where it led, we enjoyed exploring.


We chose to follow the white signs, until they ran out and then we followed either red or blue signs.


After some time we made it to the Nyfors, Tyresö  – a historic watermill. The route it turned out looped back to the hostel, so it worked out perfectly.


One evening and morning I went for a run in the palace gardens and around the lake.

Being off-season it was pretty empty with only one or two runners or dog walkers around.


I stopped off for a quick dip I was hot enough from running to find the lake temperature almost bearable!


The second day was spent walking around gardens and in the palace cafe. Here we sat and read our books while tucking into a delicious lunch.


The coffee in Sweden is pretty good. Plus you usually get free refills.

With a caffeine high we strolled to the coop supermarket, 20 mins away to grab supplies for dinner.

Before shopping we messed around in the outdoor gym round the corner from the supermarket. It was all made of wood. It was pretty cool better than our temperamental metal outdoor gyms in UK parks. Having said that the wooden monkey bars ripped my hands up a bit.

Outdoor gym in Stockholm - Stockholm Today : Stockholm Today

The Archipelago is made up of 30,000 islands and is well worth a visit. You can get to some of the islands by bus, other islands by boat stay tuned to find out more about Sweden in my next post.



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