Hiking the Vasaloppet in Sweden

Once a year on the first Sunday in March the famous Vasaloppet ski race takes place from Sälen to Mora. With 65,000 participants the race takes over the entire area.

We were staying in Mora, Sweden in a hostel next to the finish line.

During the summer and autumn, it is possible to mountain bike or hike the famous trail. Being 90km long we decided to walk the first section (a round trip of 18 km or 20km by the time we got lost finding this start point).


The walk was lovely. It took us through managed woodland. Trees lined the wide path.


At either side, there were additional tracks for biking or alternative walks.

At the beginning there were golf and frisbee golf courses, proving recreational activities throughout the year.

While the forest seemed to be a monoculture hosting mainly a single trees species, on the ground level other species were apparent. Green and grey lichen carpeted the floor. Mushrooms poked through the ground. They were bright red with white spots, like the ones seen on cartoons. Other yellow, grey and fungus-like mushrooms flourished.


After completing the first leg of the hike we came across a cabin in Elis. Trying our luck we pushed the door and it creaked open. Inside this wooden hut were bunk beds and wood for a fire.

On the wall was a notice – one must use the Swish phone app to pay a total of £5 to stay the night.

We sat outside munched on our jam sandwiches before heading back to Mora.

It was hard to imagine the area submerged in snow for the races. Every year tonnes of snow is transported to the region for the ski race.

On return to Mora, we sat in Strand Kok & Bar overlooking the lake. It was a beautiful setting with slightly less beautiful prices. Wanting a cold drink I ordered sparkling water costing £3 (I suppose this is London prices).

Sibling selfie after our hike and expensive drink….


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