The Island of Kerrara

The wind billowed through my hair as we journeyed across the loch on a small ferry.

The crossing took five minutes from the south of Oban to the island of Kerrara, costing £3.20 for a return journey. The timetable can be found on the Calmac website (or google search Gallanach – Kerrera).

The sun was making a rare appearance for September in Scotland and we were determined to make use of our good fortune by embarking on a circular walk of the island.

The path was easy to follow without a map. Our aim was to stick to the coast and make our way around.

There were plenty of opportunities to stop off on secluded beaches and practice skimming stones.

The walk took us around three hours and was a total of seven miles.

We followed the walking notes provided by the Walk Highlands website. If feeling organised you can download the map below using your hotel Wifi. Otherwise simply follow the well-trodden path.

Our halfway lunch spot was next to the ruins of Gylen castle overlooking the Firth of Lorne, built in 1582 by the Clan MacDougall.

You can explore the castle’s interior, discovering where food would have been stored in the cellar and imagine the layout of the bed rooms located up what would have been a spiral staircase.

The window provided a great vantage point to aid defence.

Clambering along the jagged stones we peered into rock pools to see signs of life. Limpets clung to the slippery rocks.

Looking across the sea, the water was so clear you could see the shore floor.

We returned to the ferry stop at around 3 and ventured back to Oban.

Making the most of the sunny day, we headed back to Ganavan sands for a sea swim.

The water was fresh and cooled us down after our long walk. A passerby asked if the sea was cold.

It was admittedly a touch colder than one would have liked!

That evening we enjoyed a delicious Lebanese meal at Baab, where I was pleased to discover a range of delicious vegan options.

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