Oban to Ardgour

Setting off early, we made our way to Ardgour, and en route we stopped off at Inchree falls for another spectacular waterfall hike.

There were a couple of circular routes that could be taken. One along a military road and another looping around the waterfalls.

We ventured along the military road for a while through the atmospheric fog.

Along the path was a dilapidated stone house.

Sheltering in the woods we munched on our lunch.

Then headed back to the falls to take in the breathtaking feature once more. The sheer force of the water created by these falls is impressive, mesmerising and somewhat intoxicating.

Our hike provided us with the perfect stop-off before driving to the ferry terminal to boarding the boat to Ardgour.

The ferry journey only took five minutes and cost £9. However, our accommodation provided us with concession passes for just £2.50.

After crossing we made it to our home for the next three nights – our glamping pod. It was very cosy and well kitted out with a kitchen, sofa and TV. We booked through AirBnB at £90 a night and would certainly recommend staying there. It had everything required for a get-away holiday.

From the glamping pod door you can embark upon some wonderful adventures.

We took the Ardgour and Druim na Sgriodain footpath (walking left out of the pod), past a small town (one shop and school) and along a mountain valley. High above us we could see streams of snow frozen onto the mountain face.

We decided to loop back along Loch Linnhe, which was stunningly grand.

What started out as a short evening stroll turned into a long walk and we made it back just before dark for a home cooked risotto.

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