Clambering over boulders and battling the rain to reach to top of Glencoe

Powering up a steep ascent, we made it to yet some more magical waterfalls. We hadn’t quite reached the summit yet as we were faced with a barrier in the form of a sizeable slippery slab of stone.

Rain began to greet us as we pondered about making it across. It seemed a shame to turn back now. We had made it so far. Yet, we didn’t want to slide down and end up in a bitterly cold ravine.

Just as we were assessing our options a group came down from above us. They had made it across the slab and made it look rather easy. They said the hike up was ‘alright.’ With their one word answer we assumed it was safe enough.

Without further ado we leapt across the stone slab. It wasn’t as bad as it looked. We just had to look up rather than down!

From here the path continued and we made it to a cluster of three peaceful ponds. They looked like glacial melt water remains. This was the perfect spot for our left over risotto lunch.

On finishing, we had one more section of the ascent to make before reaching the ridge at the top.

The weather started to come in with ominous clouds surrounding us and rain cooling us down.

Nonetheless, we powered on and made it to the top. What an achievement!

From here it was time to descend the way we had come.

As we made our return the rain grew heavier, and the path became very slippery just in time for our waterfall slab crossing.

But by now our confidence had grown, and making the leap this time round was more manageable and we were well on our way.

Within a couple of hours we were back in the car.

Before going home to our pod we went to The King’s House Hotel for a deliciously creamy vegan hot chocolate.

There was a cosy real fire there crackling in the hearth, which warmed us up no end. A blissful way to end an exhilarating expedition.

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