Camping in the South Downs

Armed with our head torches we ventured up the hill behind our campsite on the South Downs Way. The luminous moon glowed in the pitch black sky.

The wind was howling and had momentarily pushed the clouds across the sky giving us a clearing.

A bright star flew across the sky before fading into the black obis. Carpeting the nights sky were numerous constellations. It was so tranquil.

Earlier that evening we had cooked up a feast for dinner on our camp stove. Vegan sausages and tomatoes pasta followed by a dessert of melted chocolate with bananas and blackberries we has foraged that day.

We spent the day walking around the lovely countryside before retiring to our home for the night. Our trusty tent!

We were staying at Saddlescombe Farm Backpackers Campsite, costing £10 per person per night. While there were no showers, there were clean toilets located around 2 minutes from where we had pitched the tent.

Saddlescomb Farm is a National Trust site with a cafe and information point highlighting the local history. Situated in Brighton, you drive to the beach in 15 minutes or so. We did this before heading back to London.

The drive from London was around 1.5 hrs, proving to be a great weekend adventure.

Where do you like going camping in the UK?

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