Signal Rock, Water Falls and night time adventures

It is widely believed that the Glencoe Massacre of 1692 was initiated from Signal Rock. Today you can embark upon a leisurely stroll to this beacon point.

We parked in the car park off the A82 and followed the well trodden path, which lead us to a gushing river.

From here, we took the path to the left of a wooden gate and walked up some steps, which led to the magical rock.

The walk didn’t take us very long at all and was the perfect stop off en route to our next destination.

We were headed to Loch Long for the remainder of our adventure.

Our next stop allowed us to enjoy several spectacular waterfalls that were visible from the A82. We stopped off to stroll up to them.

The water was so clear. I had an urge to jump in despite the bitter cold.

I settled for paddling. But, I didn’t last long before my toes began to freeze.

On retreating from the cold water, my warm socks were a welcomed delight.

We reached the Bridge of Orchy for lunch. The West Highlands Way passes over this scenic bridge. We opted for a circular walk and timed it perfectly as the rain just began to ease off.

We enjoyed watching the Kayakers as they battled the strong currents in the fast-flowing river. The instructor showed the class how to capsize and pull yourself back up trouble free. It looked terrifying.

We returned to the car and made it to our next airbnb called Loch View Apartment, Cove, Helensburgh it was lovely and well-kitted out with a kitchen and living room.

That evening we went for night time stroll with our head torches and sat by the rippling loch for a while listening to the water gently lapping the shore.

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