Cobbler Mountain Hike

Cobbler Mountain otherwise known as Ben Arthur reaches a height of 884m and provides a wonderful hike.

We parked in Succoth car park and crossed the road to the wooden owl where the path begins.

To start with, we zig-zagged up through forests, before reaching a more barren landscape.

The trees ceased and the terrain became grassy underfoot. A clear footpath has been engineered leading us in the right direction.

We passed an old reservoir and from here the climb continued.

Wind slapped our cheeks as we persevered on.

After some time, we reached the last ascent. Here two ladies sat munching on their sandwiches. They warned us that the top was bitterly cold.

‘Do you have gloves?’ one asked.

‘I do,’ I replied.

It was just as well as the ridge greeted us with an icey wind.

Taking some quick pictures it was time to descend and reach shelter.

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