My Mad Mother

Last month marked a six year mile stone for my mother. On Easter weekend 2012 my mum's life was turned upside down. She was diagnosed with a spinal tumor and told that she probably would never walk again. While, she is parlaysed from her armpits down this has not stopped her. Yes - it has... Continue Reading →

Save food, save a life

Sitting with her legs crossed on the dusty floor a lady aged around 40 stared vacantly at the many shoes gliding past. Her eyes were downcast. The small street where she had placed herself was a shortcut for many commuters rushing to get home for the weekend. I don't know how long she had been... Continue Reading →

Spring has sprung

Currently, the bright, spring, sun, shines through my windows  in London. The wonderful mornings make me want to be outside and enjoying the fantastic weather. Spring brings a whole host of activities to get involved with. While during the winter the dark mornings and evenings encourage us to curl up with a cup of tea, spring... Continue Reading →

6 weeks in India

When traveling the best plan is to have no plan. This way you will never be disappointed. You will not get frustrated because you didn't have enough time on your itinerary to explore a city properly. Similarly, you wont be restricted to a select few destinations. Instead you are an open book. This said, it... Continue Reading →

The North London bubble

Blimey, where is all the noise? Walking to my local gym at 7 am felt most alien. I have made the same walk umpteen times in the last couple of years. Usually, I walk there automatically without thinking about where I am going. However, recently arriving from India everything feels tainted. Strolling along the main... Continue Reading →

How was India?

Returning home to London, sitting on the aeroplane, I prepared a response to the question: 'How was India?' During the past six weeks while traveling on the buses, trains and in taxis, I took in my surroundings and contemplated the response to the question above, the answer changed from day to day. Even while sitting... Continue Reading →

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