Pushkar pilgrimage

The tranquil village Pushkar is a pilgrimage destination. It's a holy town where alcohol is banned. It is situated around a spiritual lake, which was said to have formed when Brahman dropped a lotus flower there. Walking around the lake, you must remove your shoes. Be warned that while the area is sacred you will... Continue Reading →

Osium to Pushkar on public transport

'It's not about the destination but the journey'. As corny as it sounds, this saying is spot on. The point of travelling is to do exactly that - to journey and experience different cultures. Consequently, the day was spent on public transport - which I really enjoyed. It began on a bus from Osium to... Continue Reading →

The Thar desert (Osium)

Lying in the Thar desert in an elaborate tent, I can't help feel sad and guilty. A group of musicians and dancers performed to us for evening entertainment. It was just two of us and a group of 6 artists. They began calmly signing. There were two young girls in the group wearing glittery, fancy... Continue Reading →

Bus travel in India

Take timings with a pinch of salt and you will never be disappointed. I bought a Jain bus ticket from hostel Moustache (super easy and very cheap). It cost 300 rupees (just over £3 from Udipur to Jodpur). The journey is 259 km and takes around 6 or 7 hours. The cost of this bus... Continue Reading →

Jodpur – the blue city

Jodpur is the City of Kings, with spectacular palaces, forts and rolling hills. It is known as the Blue City because many of its homes are painted this colour. Traditionally, houses that were lived in by the Brahman (the highest level in the cast system) were blue. Now, any house is allowed to be painted... Continue Reading →

Morning running adventure

My alarm interrupted a dream I was having about hula hooping. Slightly dazed, I got out of bed at 5.45am. It was dark out. I threw on my running gear and headed out of the dorm room. On reaching the hostel front door I found it locked. Crumbs. I did not think this though. I... Continue Reading →

Yoga, swimming and hiking

Waking up early, I was ready for some morning yoga. I went to a very strange yoga class next to the hostel costing 200 rupees - around £2. The instructor began with some basic sun salutations. He then chose some more advanced sequences, which I enjoyed. However, there were beginners in the class that were... Continue Reading →

Train travel in India

At the moment I am writing this from a 17 hour overnight train journey from Mumbai to Udipur. I am in an air-conditioned two tier carriage on the upper berth. I managed to get a good night's sleep and am now awaiting my arrival. Top tips for train travel in Mumbai: Buying the ticket -... Continue Reading →

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