Manic yet Mellow Mumbai

Mumbai is manic. There is never a dull moment. From walking the hectic streets to tucking into street food at a vendor's stall there is always something to do or see at all hours of the day. One evening we wanted a chai tea. It did not matter that it was late at night. We... Continue Reading →

Happy Holi

In India, once a year the county is greeted with colour during the Holi festival. I was fortunate enough to be in Mumbai when Holi was being celebrated.The day began on the rooftop at Basti hostel where we were plastered from head to toe in paint. We threw paint at each other as well as... Continue Reading →

Golden Global Pagoda

I jumped on the busy train at Santa Cruz station, which is near Basti hostel and made my way to Borivali - North of where I am staying. From there I needed to find the ferry port Gorai. I was told the easiest way was by tuck tuck. A man in a light brown uniform... Continue Reading →

Magical Mumbai

The day started off fiery with a spicy breakfast. I tucked into a rice and chickpea dish provided by the hostel. This was washed down with a sweet chai tea. Fed and watered, I decided to set off for the day. Time to explore Mumbai. Speaking to others over breakfast I concluded that I must... Continue Reading →

Namaste India

'Are there any festivals coming up?' I cheerily asked the taxi driver, hoping to spark up a conversation. He mumbled something inaudible. I looked hopefully at him in the mirror and he shook his head, while smiling. The elderly man dressed in a long white shirt and lose cream trousers clearly spoke no English and... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye London

Passport, visa and money packed. Plus some extra bits; including my travel hula hoop. I'm set. Stay tuned for my next adventure. In keeping with my packing guidelines I have managed to limit my wardrobe for the next 6 week to two bags. Let's get some zen on. Guess where I'm going? Winner gets a... Continue Reading →

Finding peace in London

'Please mind the gap between the train and the platform,' the conductor bellows in monotone every morning at 8.00 am. Shortly after a swarm of commuters push past, leaving me squished up against the tube window. As the doors open at each stop, people spill out of the train as if a pot has just... Continue Reading →

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