Chilling with a view

Traveling around India can be a tiring affair, with your senses being constantly overloaded. Consequently, a break is often needed. The perfect place to relax is in one of the villages around Dharamsala in the foothills of the Himalayas. To reach the villages you can take a bus or shared taxi from Dharamsala. In the... Continue Reading →

Triund Trek

A white mist covered the landscape like a thick blanket. I could just about make out the silhouettes of trees to my right situated on a sheer vertical drop. The wispy air holding a limited amount of oxygen, brought a cool welcoming breeze. Looking down at my walking boots I placed my feet methodically infront... Continue Reading →

Meditation experience

I heard about a free guided meditation session at Tushita near Dharamkot so I decided to check it out. I set off at 8.30am to make it in time for 9.30am. Tushita is a tranquil meditation center situated in the forested hillsides. From the moment you step through the small gate you must maintain silence.... Continue Reading →

The Dalai Lama’s home

Dharamsala is a quaint town in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. It is home to many Tibetan refugees who have fled from their country. It is also where his Holiness the Dalai Lama lives. Getting there the bus stops first at southern Dharamsala which is not the exact location of the tourist attractions. My... Continue Reading →

Day two in Chandigarh

We began the day with another hearty breakfast and then drove around Chandigarh to explore. Like any city it is fairly congested with lots of traffic. Particularly as it is the school holidays. Chandigarh is built in a grid like manner. It has numbered sections and blocks much like in American cities. We visited the... Continue Reading →

The Golden Temple

Setting off bright and early we headed for The Golden Temple in Amritsar. Otherwise known as the Sikh headquarters. It was around a three hour drive. The roads in Punjab seem much cleaner and smoother than in other parts of India. We stopped off for a delicious typical breakfast - aloo prantha. The motorway restaurant... Continue Reading →

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